INKAS® Residential Safes

Secure the things that matter most safely at home with a residential safe from INKAS® Safe Manufacturing.

Advanced design and engineering pair with tough materials to create INKAS® residential safes. As a preferred INKAS® dealer, SafeWorld® helps homeowners in Edmonton and throughout Central and Northern Alberta protect the belongings they care about most. From small cash and jewelry/bullion safes to large firearm safes, SafeWorld® has the perfect INKAS® safe for your home.


INKAS® Residential Safes Protect Against Fire, Theft, and Flood

INKAS® manufactures residential safes with bank-level security. Every INKAS® safe is rigorously tested to ensure they meet high fire resistance and burglary protection standards. These safes are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a third-party organization that tests and inspects security products. Additionally, every INKAS® lock is tamper-proof, ensuring the highest level of protection for your important belongings.

INKAS® residential safes are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Whether you’re protecting cash, firearms, jewelry and precious metals, or important documents, your valuables will be safe during fires, natural disasters, and break-ins.

INKAS Safe | UL & UL-TL Certified


Shop INKAS® Safes at Dial Locksmith and SafeWorld®

For more than 50 years, Dial Locksmith & Safeworld® has been considered a trusted expert in home security. Serving homeowners in Edmonton and throughout Northern and Central Alberta, our team recognizes the importance of home security, and we’re dedicated to helping homeowners safeguard their most valuable possessions.

At SafeWorld®, we do more than just sell safes. We work directly with you to understand your needs, providing expert safe recommendations to ensure the safe you purchase meets your needs when it comes to size, security level, and features. We’ll also arrange discreet delivery and professional installation for your new safe.

If you’re ready to add an INKAS® residential safe to your home, visit our showroom in Edmonton and speak with one of our expert staff members, or contact us today to learn more about the benefits of an INKAS® residential safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the ratings on INKAS® residential safes mean?

There are several ratings you may see on INKAS® residential safes:

  • BR: B-rated safes are made with ½” solid steel doors and ¼” solid steel walls to resist unauthorized entry.
  • RSC: Residential Security Container (RSC) ratings are assigned by Underwriters Laboratories. They indicate that power tools cannot penetrate a safe on any side after a five-minute attempt.
  • UL: UL safe ratings indicate that Underwriters Laboratories has tested and approved a safe.
  • TL: A TL rating on a safe indicates the amount of time it’s endured a break-in attempt by professional testers.
How do I know which INKAS® residential safe is best for my home?

While every INKAS® residential safe is secure, they each come with different levels of security. Consider what you’re planning to store, the size and value of the items, and where you plan to place the safe in your home. Keep in mind when making your selection that safes that are heavier with composite layers are more difficult for burglars to penetrate or move.

Why should I choose a residential safe over a safety deposit box?

Selecting a residential safe instead of a safety deposit box offers the benefit of accessibility, ensuring you can access your valuables outside of banking hours if needed. An INKAS® residential safe also protects against fire, while safety deposit boxes typically don’t.

You can store any items in your residential safe without worrying about bank regulations or size limitations. Furthermore, a safe is beneficial in the event of a death, ensuring family members have access to valuables without the legal hassles that come with a safety deposit box.

Does keeping my valuables in a residential safe affect my home insurance?

While the answer depends on your exact insurance policy, adding a safe to your home could reduce your rate. If you’re hoping for an insurance discount, ensure the safe you purchase is bolted to the floor and fire-rated.

What items should I store in my residential safe?

While you can store any items you deem important inside your residential safe, there are several things that you should consider locking up to protect yourself. That includes passports, birth certificates, property titles, legal documents, jewelry, and cash. Keep in mind that documents that display your personal information could put you at risk of identity theft, while other items are irreplaceable in the event of theft or fire.