Safe Repair & Maintenance

Reliable safe repairs and maintenance in Edmonton

Just like your car, your safe needs to be regularly serviced and tuned up at least once a year. However, most safe owners don’t pay attention to routine maintenance and end up with jammed or damaged locks. If your safe has been attacked or suffered damage from other sources, SafeWorld® can fix it. We change safe locks, perform safe cleaning and adjustment, and carry out safe repairs in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Most of our services are performed on location – however, major repairs such as concrete patching and welding are done at our facility.

Locksmith repair

Lock Changes

Whether it is mechanical or electric, we can provide safe lock replacements.

Safe cleaning

Cleaning & Adjustments

Regular maintenance keeps your safe working smoothly and your valuables secured.

Safe repair

Safe Repairs

We can complete simple and complex safe repairs on-site and at our shop.

Prevention is Key

Ensure your safe operates smoothly and keep your valuables secure

Preventative maintenance and repairs prolong the longevity of your safe and ensure that it continues to provide the highest level of protection and reliability. Whether it’s damaged hinges and bolts, a jammed lock, or a worn door seal, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to keep your safe in top working condition. Contact us for professional safe repair and maintenance

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