Door Thickness 1/2 Inch
Wall Thickness 1/4 Inch
Rating CLASS B
Lock Certification US Made UL Certified Lock
Lock Type Digital Keypad
Orientations Left Hand Outswing
Handle Type L
Door Quantity 1
Assembly Fully-Assembled
Materials Metal
Fire And Burglary Warranty Lifetime (required to be properly anchored to the floor)
Manufacturer’s Warranty 2 Year (all part & labor) / exclude all digital components

BR-Rated Residential Burglary Safe

B-Rated Safes, Residential Safes

Lifetime Warranty
Certified Lock

UL Certified Lock

Tamper Proof

Tamper Proof

Power Tool Protection

Power Tools Protection

This BR rated safe is the ideal solution to protect you priceless valuables from theft. It features a variety of sophisticated industry leading security features which makes it extremely durable and secure. Some security features include, protected bolts from side attacks, a solid steel dead bar and a spring loaded locking device. An ideal choice for those in need of affordable residential safe storage.

  • Thick Solid Steel Walls provide reliable protection for your valuables
  • Reinforced Steel Doors protect locking mechanism with bulletproof metal plating
  • Solid Steel Deadbolts slide to secure safe door in place and protect from prying attempts
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Hinges secure hinges in place and protect from removal attempts
  • Anchoring Bolts enable the safe to be physically secured to the ground
  • Heavy-Weight Construction prevents safe from being carried off the property
  • UL Certified Digital Lock guarantees protection from lock picking and tampering

UL Certification Guide

Available Sizes (H” x W” x D” | Weight):

  • 16″ H x 14″ W x 14″ D 130 lbs
  • 20″ H x 20″ W x 19 ⅝” D 220 lbs
  • 30″ H x 25″ W x 24″ D 420 lbs
  • 55 ½” H x 20 ½” W x 25 ¾” D 650 lbs

Available in Gray, Beige & Black

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What distinguishes the BR-Rated Residential Burglary Safe in terms of security features?

BR-rated residential security safes are equipped with high-quality security elements. These include:

  • Solid steel deadbolts
  • Reinforced steel doors
  • Heavy-duty machined hinges
  • Anchoring bolts for ground attachment
  • UL-certified digital lock
Q2. What kind of protection does this safe offer for valuables?

Thick, solid steel walls, deadbolts, and a UL-certified lock ensure that your valuables remain protected in this safe.

Q3. What are the main materials used in constructing this safe?

This safe is primarily made of solid steel and is carefully engineered to prevent theft attempts.

Q4. What type of warranty is provided with this safe?

The BR-rated residential burglary safe comes with a lifetime warranty against fire and burglary when properly anchored to the floor. Additionally, there’s a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covering all parts and labour, excluding digital components.

Q5. Can this safe be moved or carried easily?

No, the heavy-weight construction of this safe is specifically designed to prevent it from being carried off the property.

Q6. Is the safe pre-assembled, or does it require assembly upon delivery?

This safe comes fully assembled and ready for use upon delivery, saving you time and effort.

Q7. How secure is the lock system in this safe?

The safe features an American-made UL-certified digital lock, ensuring the highest level of security against safe lock manipulation and tampering attempts.