Commercial and Residential Safes in Edmonton

Residential Safe in a custom closet

Safes & Safe Services

Protect your valuables with high-quality safes & unique safe services.

Unfortunate incidents, such as a fire or burglary, can happen to anyone. There is especially a higher risk for businesses that carry valuable items within their premises. Make sure to safeguard your valuables with the help of a reliable and quality safe. SafeWorld® provides safes for sale and safe services for various commercial clients, including government agencies, retailers, financial institutions, pharmaceutical chains, restaurants, and jewellery stores, as well as the residential market, to protect valuables.

Commercial Safes

Keep your business assets safe from theft, fires, and floods

SafeWorld® brings you a complete range of robust commercial safes that help you protect your money, paperwork, and high-value inventory. From top-notch fire safes to tough, B-rated ones, cash depositories and everything in between, our safes are made of quality steel and come with sophisticated features for extra protection.

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Commercial safe in office cabinet
Residential safe

Residential Safes

Protect priceless valuables and firearms with durable, highly secured and fire-resistant safes

We carry a large selection of safes that are the perfect solution for protecting your prized possessions. Whether you wish to safely secure cash, jewellery, or other important files and documents, these safes are built to protect all of your valuables for years.

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Safe Services

Safe delivery, installation, repair and maintenance services

When it comes time to purchase a safe for your home or business property, you want a store that will offer quality products and full installation, repair and maintenance services. That’s why SafeWorld® is the easy choice when it comes to protecting what is important to you in your home or business. Our skilled technicians provide a range of services to help safe owners.

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