Rotary Hopper Cash Depository

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Tamper Proof

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Power Tools Protection

INKAS® Rotary Hopper Depository Safes are perfect for cash deposits. These safes are equipped with many security features including a rotary deposit system for cash and paper material, and a sophisticated relocking mechanism that triggers during a burglary attack.

  • Advanced Composite Wall Structure uses proprietary mix of metal layers to provide the toughest protection
  • Secure Rotary Deposit Slot provides convenient one-way depositing while preventing deposit retrieval
  • Anti-Fishing Mechanism prevents removal of deposits through the chute
  • Reinforced Steel Doors protect locking mechanism with bulletproof metal plating
  • Solid Steel Deadbolts slide to secure safe door in place and protect from prying attempts
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Hinges secure hinges in place and protect from removal attempts
  • Anchoring Bolts enable the safe to be physically secured to the ground
  • Heavy-Weight Construction prevents safe from being carried off the property
  • UL Certified Digital Lock guarantees protection from lock picking and tampering

UL Certification Guide

Available Sizes (H” x W” x D” | Weight):

  • 20”H x 16”W x 19”D 136 lbs

Available in Gray, Beige & Black

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes the INKAS® Rotary Hopper Depository Safes ideal for cash deposits?

Our safes are designed specifically for secure cash deposits, featuring a rotary deposit system that allows cash and paper materials to be deposited easily while maintaining superior security.

Q2. How does the Rotary Deposit Slot enhance security?

The secure rotary deposit slot allows one-way depositing, ensuring that deposited items cannot be retrieved through the same slot.

Q3. How does the anti-fishing mechanism work?

This safe is equipped with an anti-fishing mechanism that prevents deposits from being removed through the chute by blocking access when the rotary deposit slot is open.

Q4. What security features protect against burglary attempts?

Featuring reinforced steel doors, solid steel deadbolts, heavy-duty machined hinges, and a heavy-weight construction, these safes are designed to resist prying, removal attempts, and burglaries.

Q5. Can the safe be anchored to the ground?

Yes, anchoring bolts are included with this safe.

Q6. What size options are available for these safes?

Our Rotary Hopper Depository Safes are available in various sizes to accommodate different volumes of cash and deposit needs.

Q7. How easy is it to deposit cash and paper materials into the safe?

The rotary deposit system is designed for convenient and straightforward one-way depositing, streamlining the process while maintaining security.