Tips and Best Practices for Maintaining Your INKAS Safe

Maintaining the integrity of your INKAS safe is important whether you’ve invested in a commercial or residential safe. These safes, which are bolted in to deter theft, require periodic maintenance to ensure they continue to operate effectively. This article offers a detailed guide on INKAS safe maintenance to ensure the longevity and reliability of your investment. 

Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Dust and debris can accumulate inside and outside your safe, and both have the potential to interfere with the locking mechanism and other components. Cleaning your safe on a monthly basis can help prevent these issues.

To clean your INKAS safe, use a soft cloth like a microfibre wipe or a duster. If necessary, you can also use a slightly damp cloth to clean walls and shelves both inside and outside the safe. However, ensure your safe has time to air dry before locking it up again so mould and mildew don’t accumulate.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Parts of your safe, such as the locking mechanism and bolts, can become stiff over time unless they’re lubricated. If your lock or door seems more difficult than usual to operate, it’s a good indication that lubrication is needed. To ensure this is done correctly, enlist our team to provide you with INKA safe maintenance services.

Inspect and Replace Your Batteries Often

The electronic keypad on your INKAS safe requires batteries to operate. If your batteries are weak or dead, you’ll struggle to access your safe. Ensure to replace your batteries at least once per year and periodically check to ensure they’re not leaking. 

Have Bolts and Anchors Inspected

Having an INKAS safe maintenance professional inspect the bolts and anchors on your safe once every year or so can ensure the security of your valuables. This is the best way to ensure that there aren’t any loose or damaged components that could make it easier for burglars to remove or break into your safe. 

Keep a Maintenance Log

It can be difficult to remember exactly when you last changed your safe’s battery or lubricated the locking mechanism and door hinges. To ensure you keep up with maintenance on your INKAS safe, keep a log of maintenance tasks and repairs so you don’t miss important tasks. 

Skip the DIY Repairs

If your safe isn’t operating as it should be, don’t rely on DIY repairs. Instead, contact a professional such as Dial Locksmith & Safeworld for expert advice and repairs. While DIY may seem more convenient, it could void your warranty or lead to further damage to your safe. 

Ensure Your INKAS Safe Lasts with Regular Maintenance

The security of your valuables relies on a safe that’s functioning properly. The best way to ensure your INKAS safe stays in good condition is to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance inspections. It’s also important to maintain your warranty by leaving the repairs and inspections to an INKAS safe professional.

At Dial Locksmith & Safeworld, we’re committed to ensuring the safety of your belongings. We can offer expert advice on maintaining your INKAS safe and provide you with affordable inspection and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more.