Clean metallic safe surface

Quick cleaning tips to protect your safe

Strongbox, coffer, or repository: whatever you call it, your safe is the secure home to your most valuable possessions. Now that your family heirlooms, documents, and jewels are safe from theft and fire, you might be thinking about how to keep them safe from a less obvious threat – dust and dirt.

Has the stainless steel and polished wood of your safe lost its lustre? Follow the tips below if your safe needs a little touch-up.

Determining Your Safe’s Material

First, you must find out what your safe is made of in order to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance, without damaging it. Is your safe metal? What kind of metal is it? Does it have wood? What kind of wood? Is yours a digital lock or mechanical combination lock? Once you have answered these questions, you can use the correct procedure for the type of safe.

Cleaning Steel, Titanium and Digital Locks

The best products to use on your stainless steel and titanium safe are a microfibre towel and a quality metal wax or polish. Be sure to apply the polish or wax to the surface of the metal, not the rag.

Coat the entire surface with the polish or wax. Be generous in the amount you apply, but remember that a little goes a long way! Rub the wax or polish in small circular motions until it is shiny and clean. If you opt for something other than wax or polish, a glass cleaner like Windex® is a good alternative.

Use compressed air to blow out the crevices of your safe and to blow off your digital lock. With a Q-tip® soaked in rubbing alcohol, clean the surface of the digital lock, careful not to apply too much liquid or press too hard.

Cleaning Exotic Wood Drawers and Combination Locks

Find a gentle wood cleaner, such as Orange Glo®, for the type of wood your safe drawers use. Start by dusting off the wood and using the compressed air to clean out any cracks or crevices.

Spray your towel with a small amount of Orange Glo® or a mixture of Windex® diluted with water. Never apply liquid, wax, or any other abrasive cleaning agent directly to the wood. Gently wipe away any dirt and rub the wood until it shines. Let it dry before closing the safe.

Use the compressed air to clean the combination lock. If you are finding that your lock or any of the hinges on your safe are sticky, a small amount of Tri-Flow® should do the trick.

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