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How to prevent moisture in your safe

Why does it matter whether or not moisture gets into your safe? It’s just a little water, right?

Wrong. As you know, water can cause a few major problems if it sits around anywhere in your home, not just your safe. The mould and mildew that you find in your kitchen and bathroom come from prolonged exposure to water. So if your safe has moisture in it all the time, you can be sure that that water is destroying your property in addition to your safe.

Your papers and electronics will be utterly ruined, and the spread of mould will put you, your children and your pets at risk. If your safe is full of moisture, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Replace the Seal

Moisture often invades your safe because its seal has cracked, peeled, torn or wrinkled. Moisture seeps in through those tiny openings and collects on the inside of the safe. Check for flaws in the seal if you have noticed a lot of moisture in your safe. If the seal is flawed, you’ll have to replace it.

2. Fix the Weather Stripping in Your Home

The seal on the safe might not be your only problem. You might have excess moisture in your home because the weather stripping around your windows or doors has worn out. Check the weather stripping to see if it has the same kinds of cracks and tears, and replace any that is worn out.

3. Put Desiccant Materials in the Safe

If the seal isn’t the problem, try absorbing the moisture with desiccant materials. Silica gel packets, moisture catchers and dehumidifiers are all viable options. They’ll absorb any existing moisture and any future moisture, but you’ll need to replace them every three months to keep this treatment effective.

4. Air the Safe Out

You might have moisture in your safe because you didn’t air it out after cleaning it. If you decide to clean your safe, it should air out for several hours before you put anything in it or seal it again. That will help prevent moisture from building up inside.

5. Replace the Safe

Your safe may be completely ruined, or you may have bought one that wasn’t built to keep out moisture. If that’s the case, you need to replace your safe with a new one that has silicone, foam or caulking around its seal. These kinds of safes are more effective at protecting your belongings against moisture.