How to choose the best safe

How to choose the best safe

Safes will guard against more than just burglars. They can protect your precious belongings from fires, explosions and other disasters as well. Safeguarding our possessions is important, so keep your belongings intact and yours by investing in a safe that is capable of meeting every single one of your needs. Here’s how to choose the right safe for you:

Consider the Contents

The most important thing to think about when buying a safe is what you’ll put inside it. Are you needing to store checks, wills, receipts? Do you need to preserve certificates, photographs or money? Depending on what you need to safeguard, there are a number of different safes that will do the trick.

Consider the Rating

Most safes are fireproof and fire-resistant, but it’s the temperatures they are able to withstand that you’ll need to take into account. On top of that, no matter how “resistant” or “proof” it is, make sure no heat can get inside. If you’re storing family videos, CDs or microchips, heat can permanently damage such items. The last thing you want is to open up your safe and see the contents have melted.

Consider the Weight

If you are in need of a large safe, make sure your floor can support its weight. Most of the larger safes are quite heavy, and you’ll want to ensure it is secure and safe before investing in it. In the case of underfloor safes (for added security), seek the help of a professional before you try to install it. There might be coding standards you must adhere to.

Consider the Security

Most safes come with locks that have varying levels of security. Which type of security are you in need of? Is your safe going to be placed in your home with people you trust? Are you planning to install it in your office, which is constantly brimming with strangers? In order to ensure all of your belongings are kept safe, don’t forget to consider the exact level of protection you need.

With such a large number of different safes, you are bound to find one to fit your needs. Whether you need help storing your money, jewellery or personal records, SafeWorld® has a wide variety of safes that can fit all of those and more.

Don’t risk burglars, fires or explosions ruining your property. Invest in a safe that will protect your belongings in more ways than one. Call or visit us today!