Safe Technologies

Enhancing Security in Edmonton with Safe Technologies

For families and business owners in and around Edmonton, protecting belongings from common threats, such as fire and theft, is a top priority. Thanks to innovative safe technologies that are designed to fortify home and commercial security, Edmonton’s homes and businesses can achieve a level of security not previously available. 

Here are some of the technologies keeping belongings safe across Edmonton homes and businesses. 

UL-Certified Digital Locks

Digital locks are easier to operate than traditional locks and, more importantly, they’re more secure. A UL-certified digital lock, with its advanced security features, is guaranteed against lock-picking and tampering to ensure your valuables are locked away safely. 

Time-Delay Locks

Time-delay locks include electronic timers that prevent access until a predetermined period of time has passed after entering the correct combination. This technology prevents robbery and unauthorized entry in businesses and homes throughout Edmonton. 

Advanced Relocking Systems

Relocking systems built into a safe door are designed to prevent burglary attempts. These are glass or mechanical devices that, when broken, trigger to re-lock the safe and block access. A relocking system is generally triggered by a forceful break-in attempt.

Advanced Wall Structure

Many modern safes are designed with an advanced composite wall structure that’s built using a mixture of metal layers. This reinforces the safe, adding additional layers of security for optimal protection. 

Protect Your Valuables with Dial Locksmith & SafeWorld 

Dial Locksmith & Safeworld offers a wide range of high-quality residential and commercial safes in Edmonton. Our safes include on-site consultation to ensure proper and effective placement within your home or business, as well as expert advice to help you determine the safe technologies you need most.

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