INKAS Commercial Safe

Enhance Your Business’s Security with an INKAS Commercial Safe

When you’re running a business, nothing is as important as keeping your assets safe. When it comes to safeguarding sensitive documents, cash reserves, and specialized items such as pharmaceuticals, you need high-level security. INKAS commercial safes offer businesses in Edmonton a fortified solution for storing valuables that go well beyond standard storage and generic store-bought safes. 

The INKAS Commercial Safe Difference

Not every commercial safe provides the comprehensive protection your business needs. INKAS elevates security with several key features:

  • Solid construction: INKAS commercial safes are engineered with advanced materials and reinforced designs. They’re built to withstand break-in attempts, as well as damage from smoke and fire when rated as such. 
  • Tamper-proof security: Beyond advanced locking mechanisms, INKAS offers specialized safes tailored to specific needs. Cash depositories provide tamper-resistant cash management, while pharmaceutical safes maintain strict temperature controls for sensitive medications. Time delay locks with bank-level security offer an additional layer of protection for your business’s valuables.
  • Deterrence by design: INKAS safes’ heavy weight and complex construction act as powerful deterrents. Their secure bolting systems further enhance security, ensuring that once they’re installed, they stay put indefinitely. 

Why Choose INKAS Over Standard Commercial Safes? 

While standard store-bought commercial safes offer basic security, INKAS commercial safes provide a more complex solution that’s simply more secure.


Standard Commercial Safe INKAS Commercial Safe
Construction Basic steel with potential vulnerabilities Reinforced design constructed from advanced materials, including heavy-duty machined hinges, reinforced steel doors, and advanced composite wall structure
Lock Standard combination or key lock Rigorously tested UL-certified tamper-proof locks with time delay and relocking mechanisms
Security features Basic locking mechanism Tamper-proof hinges, fire & smoke resistance in some models, time delay locks, and anchoring bolts
Protection level Moderate High


Safeguarding Your Business Assets

An INKAS commercial safe is a strategic investment in your business. It protects confidential documents, cash reserves, and specialized items without risk, giving you confidence that your business valuables are safe. As an added benefit, you may even qualify for insurance discounts with a safe that offers your business a higher level of security. 

Learn More About INKAS Safes at Dial Locksmith & Safeworld

Elevate your business security with INKAS commercial safes. Dial Locksmith & Safeworld can assist you in selecting the ideal safe to meet your specific needs. Our team will assess your space, determine the best placement and delivery options, and provide professional delivery and installation for optimal security.

Contact us today to discuss how an INKAS commercial safe can provide your business with the protection it deserves.